2020 Convention Cancellation

Per our State Deputy,

Due to the current circumstances and with direction from the Supreme Council the convention as it was planned has been cancelled. The 2020 State Convention will NOT be held physically at Breezy Point this May. (It will be held there in 2022)

  • We will hold a convention; it will be online or virtual. This is something new to all of us. We still need to conduct the business of the state; resolutions, election of state officers, election of delegates to Supreme Convention in Washington D.C.
  • If you made food reservations, you will be getting your money back.  Give the committee sometime to get this completed.
  • DO NOT CALL THE RESORT FOR A REFUND. If you made reservations with the lodge, you will be getting a refund back. They will be automatically canceling them for us. By calling you are only slowing the process down.


They will get a link to go online to vote so they must be able to use computer. Current Delegates can be changed it needed.